13-year-old Esther Depressed After Losing Arm in Lagos Erosion

An errand to buy sachet water saw 13-year-old Esther Olanrewaju falling down, breaking her arm and forever having her life changed.

Olanrewaju, whose grandmother, Adiatu Obalanlejo, described as very vibrant, has become withdrawn since the amputation of her arm and even stopped schooling.

The teenager revealed that the incident that led to her current physical state happened on June 7th, when she went to get water for her mother.

Her grandmother recalled that their street road wasn’t as bad as it had become until a road contractor came and said they wanted to fix the road, upon which they dismantled the drainage, leaving gullies and a deplorable road, which has not yet been fixed.

Obalanlejo also narrated the failed attempt of a traditional bone setter to treat the injury. She said that they had to rush her granddaughter to the hospital, where the arm was amputated.

Olanrewaju laments the loss of her friends, who have refused to play with her and says in tears, “I want my hand back.”


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