7 Benefits of Breast Sucking to Women by Experts

As the world marks 2022 campaign to raise awareness about the impact of breast cancer, health experts have encouraged men to suck breasts.

A health expert and CEO of Chartma Herbal Health Centre tagged the month “Breast Sucking October”, urging men to ‘suck a breast within October’.

The woman’s breasts are filled with hyper-sensitive nerve endings that get stimulated when touched, sucked or licked.

Men love to suck the breast just as women love their breast to be stimulated. But some men avoid a woman’s breast as soon as she gets pregnant because they believe the breast milk is harmful to adults.

Most times we ask ‘Can an adult also take breast milk? The answer is a resounding, ‘Yes!”Breast milk isn’t only meant for meant for babies but also quite beneficial for adults too… It increases an adult’s immunity just like it does in children.

Below are seven benefits of breast sucking for women:

IT’S GREAT FOR HEART Health. It helps to balance the cardiovascular system. If a woman breast is sucked for a long period of time, it increases the heart beat rate of a woman to 110 beats per minute. It is a very good exercise for your heart health.

AIDS IN ACHIEVING A FIRMER FACE, SMOOTHER Skin. If you are desirous of a firmer face, then you should be reluctant for your hubby to suck your breast. As a matter of fact, you should remind him to do it often just in case he forgets.The reason is, it helps to move more than 30 female facial muscles; and improves blood flow in the skin thereby making it smoother.

ORGASM. If you are the type that don’t feel or enjoy sex, encourage your hubby to suck your breast and play with your nipples. And when he does that, he’s sure to get you to cloud nine in no time.

BOOSTS IMMUNE System. It is a natural remedy that stimulates the immune system resulting in the production of antibodies that can protect against viruses. This process is called CROSS IMMUNOTHERAPY.

During breast sucking, the breath of a woman becomes faster more than 60 times per minute.

Inhaling and exhaling more often helps in the prevention of a variety of diseases of the lungs.

REDUCES RISK OF BREAST Cancer. Study has shown that sucking and massaging the breast simultaneously and vigorously helps to reduce chances of breast lumps which can develop to cancer.It helps in easy flow of hormones and prevents growth of lumps in the breast.

BENEFITS TO THE Man. It has been proven that breast milk is beneficial to children or babies and the same way it is also beneficial to adult.

How? Breast milk increases the immunity of the adults the same way it does to the children.

BREAST MILK CAN TACKLE CANCER, BOOST IMMUNE SYSTEM AND Digestion. As a breast feeding mothers, if your husband wants to suck your breast, please allow him to do so as it aids to boost their immune system and improve digestion.Adults with cancer cells, digestive disorder and immune disorder are advised to drink several ounces of milk daily or weekly to ease the ravages of CHEMOTHERAPY.

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