Meet Ibadan Versity female student polyglot, fluent in two Dozen Languages

Call her another wonderful wonder and you won’t be wrong. She is a languages wonder girl.
Her name is Oluwafunmibi Babalola, studying Veterinary medicine at the University of Ibadan. She recently unraveled the mystery behind her skills in language and how she mastered 24 Languages.

According to her ” it’s just interest that keeps me going. There is no explanation for it. It’s my life. I love languages. I am passionate about it. It just happens. I hear a language, and I pick it up.

I have been learning languages since I was a kid. I remember I did French and a bit of Latin in Primary school, and I used to buy language books. Since I have been old enough to read and write, I have been learning languages. I speak German, Spanish, Hindi, Korean, Japanese, Twi, Zulu, Russian, Chinese, Indonesian, Dutch, French, Latin, Hangul, Italian, English, Hausa, Yoruba, Egun, Egede, and Igbo, among others. 24 languages. I have achieved a lot in languages. It has opened unimaginable doors for me. You know, people’s expressions when they know you can communicate in different languages. And the recent achievement is my tweet which went viral.

I only made a careless tweet to sell myself, but before I knew it, my phone started making funny sounds. Too many notifications from several people across the world [People from different races] were sending messages to offer me jobs. I have had so many interviews and live videos. Celebrities I have always looked up to were following me, sending DMs. Everything was just crazy.

Before now, there were times I used to go from church to church to present God’s name in different languages. Hausa particularly has helped me get suya, free rides, and more on several occasions.

I did many freelance jobs for primarily private individuals and organizations. Something big is also in the pipeline, but I can’t disclose it until the organization unveils me. I will definitely share it when the deal is official.

This was first published on Campus Reporter.

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