Why undergraduates’ researches end in waste-bins —Experts

Academics have identified lack of problem-solving and impact as major reasons university students’ projects get ignored.

The researchers, who spoke in separate interviews with The Hope, maintained that many students are not ready to go through all the processes to arrive at mind-blowing and presentable projects and some lecturers aid and abet them.

The Sub-Dean, Faculty of Arts, Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko, Dr Sunday Abraham Ogunode, stated that beginning from the 2000s, undergraduate students derailed excessively by refusing to be guided by their supervisors for optimal performance.

The Senior Lecturer at the Department of History and International Studies disclosed that undergraduate students were no longer ready to pass through the rigour of academic research that requires many stages of revision, analysis and synthesis of data for the production of cutting-edge research.

He said what undergraduates students churn out today can be called “tissue paper” documents pretending to be academic researches, adding that most researches were copy and paste” and could not survive plagiarism checks.

He added that, “However, students are not alone in this negative trend, as some lecturers also aid and abet them for transactional purposes,” he said.

“Acceptable research fulfills expected academic output. Research that is not subjected to the rigour of peer- review, deep plagiarism scrutiny and meticulous editing cannot be accepted.

“The first take of any academic research should and must always be how it can solve identified problems while opening up such areas for more scholarly intervention”.“Everything has been commercialised for transactional gains at the expense of research problem-solving, opening progressive doors of intervention opportunities”.He berated that the academia had been eroded with half-baked lecturers and ‘gate-crashers’ recruited under political patronage and transnational links.However, he urged students to be ready to be part of the process and follow all instructions meant to guide them towards achieving cutting search acceptable in high index journals.Similarly, a lecturer from the Department of Mass Communication, University of Lagos, Dr Olunifesi Suraj, stated that many so-called well-researched projects are not adding impact as the students only consulted people and online.He said most students do not have the skills to do research, their works and topics are not researchable, noting that students do not have the depth to speak to any challenges and even those people who appear to be doing the right thing, their topics are not proving anything or having impact on the society.He added that students are not ready to go through processes to make their research knowledge and make their findings questionable, saying it was very disturbing that master’s level and PhD students also follow the trends.

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